Updated: Rice and rubber

8 09 2013

As mentioned in a recent post, PPT hasn’t got much insight into the rubbery rioters in the mid-south. We still don’t have much more, although we found a recent article in the Thai-language Khaosod instructive.Rice

In fact, the graphic produced in the article summarized the article itself. Essentially, the story is about net incomes per rai per year comparing rice farmers and rubber planters.

The result is that Thailand’s rice farmers clear about 4,315 baht/rai/year while the rubber planters make about 17,040 baht/rai/year.

This caused PPT to look at incomes in the south. Data from the UNDP for 2007 – yes, a bit old, but easily located – showed 9 of the 10 mid-south provinces having average incomes that were better than the national average.

We are sure that these data say something about politics, prices and protest.

Update: Readers will find a detailed assessment of rice versus rubber in a recent Bangkok Pundit post.



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