Updated: Another LM case?

8 09 2013

A reader sent us this:

There’s another LM case. A man was arrested and put in jail on 30 August (he’s still there, his lawyer told me he’s still trying to arrange for bail, have to borrow money from the Ministry of Justice’s funds for prisoners).

If any reader can provide further details (the link the reader sent didn’t work), feel free to use the comments function (we never post these, but do read them, but only at Political Prisoners of Thailand) or email us at: thaipoliticalprisoners@gmail.com

Update: According to another reader, information on this case was posted on a now blocked site. The story seems to be that a man with Kenji as a webname,  posted on internet freedom forum regarding the king’s return to Hua Hin after which his ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit against him for lese majeste. A well-known LM lawyer is said to be his lawyer.



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