Complaining, whining and making stuff up

11 09 2013

After clashing with police in parliament, throwing chairs about the same place and having party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva scape the bottom of the barrel by using sexist venom to attack Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, observers might think that the Democrat Party might be just a little contrite.

Not a bit! They are proud of their actions deeming it their duty and even invoking the monarchy in support of their antics!

At Khaosod, former premier and current Democrat Party MP Chuan Leekpai seems remarkably confused. Yes, he says, the party has decided on these anti-parliamentary actions. Then he seems to change tack and babbles about the party’s bad image on “the public” who apparently only see the Democrat Party’s acting like spoiled brats and Fascists because people “had not followed the Parliamentary debates in their entirety.” He’s fibbing.

At Bangkok Post, Chuan blames the the speaker of the two houses as being biased and provoking the Democrat Party. He reckons they should be “independent.” Perhaps he has (all too conveniently) forgotten the role of the speaker under the Democrat Party’s government.

Then he goes back to his former tack, which it seems is more truthful, by admitting that chaos was “a necessary method to challenge the power wield[ed] by … Thaksin Shinawatra via his sister, … Yingluck…”. He added that “the Democrat Party has chosen to sacrifice its good image for the sake of opposing tyrannical power of the government.”

So why whine and fib about “the public”?

Apparently because whining, lying and “rioting” are required as “the Democrat Party is the only group that Mr. Thaksin fails to control.” Of course, this is a complete nonsense.¬† Think major media outlets, various civil society groups, the judiciary, and so on.

Is anyone listening?



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