The mainstream media and bias

12 09 2013

Yesterday, the Democrat Party’s Chuan Leepai whined about “some sections of the media are under the former prime minister’s [Thaksin Shinawatra’s] control.” Obviously he wasn’t including either The Nation or the Bangkok Post in that section.

Two recent examples suggest that these two bastions of the English-language press remain under the sway of Democrat Party ideology.

The first story has PPT wondering why, when the Democrat Party has stated several times that it plans and condones chaos in parliament and has engaged in several bouts of loutish behavior involving fighting police, throwing chairs and more, that the best The Nation seems to be able to do is come up with is a story about parliamentarians viewing porn. How much effort goes into protecting the Democrat Party’s thuggery?

Panitan and army buddy working on a "story.".

Panitan with army dissembler

The second is a story that we wanted to comment on but cannot do any better than Bangkok Pundit’s excellent account of a Bangkok Post burnishing of third-rate “academic”-for-hire Panitan Wattanayagorn. A Democrat Party toady is cited by the paper on a story that is so patently absurd that it can’t be anything other than a Democrat Party beat-up.



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