Updated: Yuttapoom free

13 09 2013

AP reports that the court has acquitted Yuttapoom Martnork of lese majeste accusations brought by his estranged brother. Apparently the court considered that there was insufficient evidence to convict him.

That is good news, especially as the case was so obviously bogus from the very beginning during the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime’s lese majeste reign of terror.

Yuttapoom’s wife, Jongkon, welcomed the verdict. While she considered that the verdict had “proven that justice does prevail,” the question of Yutthpoom having already been imprisoned for a year and denied bail on the usual grounds that he was a national security threat still needs to be considered.

As his lawyer explained, “despite this case’s dismissal, the core problem of the 112 law remains.” It is a draconian political law that locks people up for bogus reasons and has a chilling impact on the freedom of expression in Thailand.

Update: PPT had sought clarification on the period spent in jail. We found the answer at the excellent iLaw page and used this to update our page on Yuttapoom.