Visiting a lese majeste prisoner

16 09 2013

This is a post we should have had up earlier but PPT was waylaid by several other events.

Khaosod reported last week on a group of about 100 red shirts visiting Papatchanan Ching-in who is imprisoned in Nakorn Ratchasima for lese majeste. The group was reportedly “led by Mr. Tanthawut Taweewarodomkul, aka Noom Red Nont, who had been imprisoned for lese majeste and released earlier this year.” Tanthawut stated “that he planned many more activities to raise awareness about individuals who are serving jail term for lese majeste, which he views as a political, rather than a criminal, offence.”

The group reportedly “gathered in front of the prison. Dozens of police officers and plainclothes agents stood nearby to observe the event.”

One thing that surprised PPT in the short report was this: “Ms. Sudsawat Sansern, commander of the prison, said prison regulation exempts Ms. Paphachanan from wearing the manacles at her ankles because she is over 60 years old.” We were surprised because we had not imagined that women were subject to these medieval rules.




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