Odious journalism

20 09 2013

Yesterday PPT posted on Pornpimol Kanchanalak’s obnoxious attack on lese majeste victim Aum Neko at The Nation. That was a decidedly low blow and, we think, cowardly. We understand that op-ed pieces are anything but serious journalism, and that some op-ed authors are hired simply for their capacity for sensation and drivel.

However, it seems that the Bangkok Post has decided to have its journalism descend into a kind of yellow-shirted crassness that would be better suited to some kind of base sensationalism with “news” being defined by rumor and political nonsense.Bangkok Post

Could it get any worse than a story about pop star Baitoey R Siam having performed at parties for Thaksin Shinawatra. We realize that this would make here a target for all kinds of yellow-shirted slander, but not only does the Bangkok Post publish it, but its editors apparently see fit to add the following gutter reference:

Kampanart Tansithabudhkun, renowned psychiatrist and former host of a sex education TV programme, posted a Facebook message saying that he was told by a celebrity friend that a female singer – not Baitoey – was paid one million baht to meet the “man who everybody knows” and that her job was not to sing for him.

Dr Kampanart claimed that the singer travelled to the Middle East to meet the man, but said she did not simply go to sing and dine with him, rather that her job was to “put something in her mouth”.

“After listening to the news today, I can’t help but wonder if they fall into the same category,” he said.

Wow. Is that as low as the Bangkok Post will go or is there more gossipy trash that it will convert to “news.” Will the Post’s reporters now be scouring every yellow-shirted Facebook and Twitter page for such tabloid style “news” suitable only for fish wrap?



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