Lying under orders

21 09 2013

Reading an account of testimony by soldiers about their role as snipers in May 2010, PPT can’t help but wonder if they are providing false accounts under orders from the top brass. The account has been provided Master Sergeant Kacharat Niamrord during an inquest into the shooting deaths of Mana Saenpreasertsri and Ponsawan Nakachai. The two men were shot on 15 May 2010 on Rama IV Road.

Master Sergeant Kacharat is the soldier in the video below, acting as kind of a spotter in this sniper team. He is the one who tells the shooter, Sergeant Sarinkarn Taweecheep, that the target is down and to cease firing. Sarinkarn ignores this and fires again.

According to Sergeant Kacharat, there was considerable shooting in the area, and at about 3 p.m., he “switched from a shotgun to an M-16 rifle armed with sniper scope and blank rounds.” He insisted that his team “was merely firing blank rounds.”

Such a claim would appear to fly in the face of the video evidence and logic. Snipers are not usually deployed for crowd control as their role is to kill enemies.

So this claim can only be a lie. It is so nonsensical that it suggests that the sergeant has been ordered to make the claim. He seems unable to explain the events of the video  with other than the horse manure that the military brass has long had as its stock answers. Kacharat’s claim he “had no idea at which direction the Sergeant was aiming” and that “he saw no one shot throughout the firing” is adding more fertilizer to the very large pile belonging to his bosses.



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