25 09 2013

Why did the Democrat Party plagiarize the Puea Thai government’s logo for the Building the Future 2020 Project?LiarLiarPantsonFire

Passanoch Haotavanij, a Democrat Party official, claimed he “designed the logo.” He added: “I did not copy their logo. It′s actually the government who copied ours…”. Yeah, right.

Why did Abhisit and Suthep postpone their court appearance on murder charges from 2010?

Former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajive and his deputy Suthep Thaugsuban were scheduled to appear in court today. However, their lawyers claimed the two are too busy. They said this was because they were “serving as MPs.” It is a busy time organizing for your party to throw chairs around the parliament, choke policemen and so on. To be fair, the prosecutor had also failed to finalize the required documents. The court set 31 October as the next date. Abhisit and Suthep will no doubt seek to postpone again.

Why did the Constitutional Court postpone hearing a case on Abhisit’s status as an MP?

The Court has decided to postpone “until another court has ruled on the legality of the Defense Ministry’s order dismissing him from military service and stripping him of a military rank.” Abhisit appealed to the Administrative Court. Whatever the reason, the judiciary still seems to have double standards at work on cases that involve elite allies.

brassoWhy did the victorious women’s volleyball team hand over their trophy to a princess?

Somphon Chaibang-yang, President of Thailand Volleyball Association, said that the association wants to present its 2013 Asian Volleyball Championship Trophy to  Princess Sirindhorn. Given that she isn’t very sporty, why her? According to this report, “[n]ational sports teams and players regularly hand their medals or trophies to members of the Royal Family to express their loyalty to the monarchy.” Well, at least posterior polishing presidents of sporting associations do.



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