Updated: Judicial action II

1 10 2013

The royalists have pinned their hopes and dreams on the judiciary and the king. At the moment, they hope to prevent parliament amending the constitution, as it is empowered to do.

At The Nation it is reported that Democrat Party MP Nipit Intarasombat sees “no justification for the prime minister’s rush for royal approval on charter change before the judicial ruling.” In fact, as we understand it, once a bill is passed in parliament, the premier is required to have it transmitted to the palace for approval within 20 days.

Four royalist senators, headed by the bright yellow Rosana Tositakul, have “petitioned for the charter court to issue an injunction against seeking royal approval until the completion of the judicial review on charter change.” They join a list of other petitioners, and the Constitutional Court has combined several of these for consideration.

The last gasp hope is that the king would not approve the bill so that it would not become law, and would allow the royalists to then demand the ouster of the government for having “offended” the king.

Update: The Nation reports that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has sent the bill to the palace for ratification. The next step will be interesting.



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