Media reports on lese majeste

4 10 2013

A useful account of the cases below and the pardon for Surachai Danwattananusorn, considering the continued use of the political lese majeste law is:

The Guardian: Thai monarchy laws need reviewing, say critics pointing to recent cases

The stories we could find about the 5-year sentence for Noppawan Tangudomsuk or Bento and her release on 1 million baht bail:

International Business Times: Touchy Royals: Anti-Monarchy Comment Gets Thai Woman 5 Years in Jail PPT thought this comment worth repeating: “Never take your king literally, particularly when he says he is open to criticism.”King

Firstpost: Thai woman jailed for 5 years for anti-royal web post, using the Reuters story.

Radio Australia: Thai woman jailed for five years over royal insult, using an AFP report.

The Irish Independent: Thai woman jailed for five years over web insults to monarchy

Bangkok Post: Woman gets 5 years for lese majeste

P.M. News Nigeria Thailand: Woman jailed for five years for insulting royals

There are more stories on the ironic case that led to the lighter sentencing of royalist loudmouth Sondhi Limthongkul and his release on a lesser bail:

The Tribune: Thailand’s royalist media firebrand found guilty for repeating anti-monarchy insult, with an AP report.

The Independent: Founder of Thailand’s royalist Yellow Shirt movement jailed for defaming monarchy using some of an AP report.

Bangkok Post: Sondhi gets 2 years for lese majeste

Voice of America: Thai Activist Jailed for ‘Insulting King’

Asian Correspondent: Ex-yellow shirt leader Sondhi found guilty of insulting Thai monarchy, with the most detailed report.

Irish Times: Thai Royalist Politician Sondhi Limthongkul Jailed for Repeating Insult to Monarchy

Global Times: Thai ex-Yellow Shirt leader sentenced to two years in jail for lese majeste

The West Australian: Thai ‘Yellow Shirts’ founder convicted of royal slur, with the AFP report.

Washington Post: Thailand’s royalist media firebrand found guilty for repeating anti-monarchy insult, with the AP report.

Jakarta Globe: Thai ‘Yellow Shirts’ Founder Convicted of Defaming the Monarchy



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