More on the collective brain failure

21 10 2013

Yesterday we posted on an act that is amnesiac, self-destructive or just gross political arrogance that saw Puea Thai Party politicians and the party’s leadership appearing to have suffered a collective political brain failure as they managed to have a sensible amnesty bill become a blanket amnesty that is easily branded a bill for Thaksin Shinawatra.

In a story at the Bangkok Post that on this predictably mentions a host of royalists, former and current members of the People’s Alliance for Democracy and the Democrat Party acting as expected, PPT found this of interest:

… red-shirt co-leader and former PM’s Office minister Jakrapob Penkair, now in exile abroad after being charged with lese majeste, yesterday said on his Facebook page that he disagreed with the proposed blanket amnesty.

He said all involved wanted to bring the political conflict to an end, but the blanket amnesty will become “the first chapter for a fresh struggle in which friends will become enemies”.

Payao Akkahad, the mother of Kamolkate Akkahad, the red-shirt volunteer medic shot and killed during the 2010 political violence, said red shirts were upset and were betrayed by the blanket amnesty proposal.




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