Campaigning for Democrat Party activism II

26 10 2013

It seems that The Nation “newspaper” has decided that it must take a leading role in the task of re-invigorating and re-directing both the Democrat Party and the anti-Thaksin Shinawatra movement. We do not use a plural for the last term for PPT rejects the mainstream media’s banal claim that there are many anti-Thaksin movements. Abhisit and Suthep

After the article we commented on yesterday regarding the newspaper’s call for the Democrat Party to become street-based activists, it now highlights Democrat Party boss Suthep Thaugsuban’s plans for leading seizures of town or provincial halls, with a promotional “interview.”

The Nation begins by announcing that Suthep is “about to become one of the many anti-government protest leaders.” We can only imagine that the paper is being deliberately misleading. After all, even reading the fishwrap they work for would alert journalists to Suthep’s leadership role ever since the election the Democrat Party so resoundingly lost in 2011. Fishwrap

The interviewer seems to want to portray a picture of Suthep as having been radicalized and to be acting separately from the Democrat Party and whether he will resign from the party to be an activist. This is nonsense, of course. Appropriately, Suthep laughs at the suggestion:  “Resigning is not the issue,” adding “I have not fallen out with the Democrat Party [laughing].”

He does babble about the party not being able to “leave Parliament and protest with me, because the party has a long political history to uphold.” It does indeed. Recently this includes throwing chairs, strangling parliament’s police and similar unparliamentary behavior. Its earlier history involved conniving with royalists to oust Pridi Phanomyong. And, of course, the Democrat Party supported the illegal actions of the People’s Alliance for Democracy.

Suthep promises “mass rallies:

On that day [of the rallies], I will work with the protest leaders to fight for fairness. The mass rallies may even topple this puppet government. That’s why the Democrat Party cannot protest with me. At that point, they will have to say goodbye to me.

Initially we didn’t understand why. After all, the party has already led anti-government rallies. Then we understood. Suthep plans illegal actions and is trying to exonerate the party from events it is planning:Democrat lead protests

I have invited people to gather at city halls across the country…. Many people have said they appreciate my street campaigns and will follow me. Older generations will be my main supporters when it comes to occupying provincial halls. They will not bring guns, but will sit in the governor’s office while chewing betel nut; they will sit in chairs and on the stairs – rejecting the authority of the current government. They will tell officials to stop being Thaksin’s slaves and return home. “We will watch the town halls for you,” that’s what they will say.

On being asked about seizing Surat Thani’s provincial hall, he says:

Of course, I will go to Surat Thani Provincial Hall – the police are preparing to welcome me. Many other people who agree with me will occupy other town halls. They will enter them – one by one – until they are full. We may also campaign for a nationwide strike and a ban on Shinawatra products.

He explains that the Democrat Party, forever losing elections, has a political chance: “if I’m successful, then so will the Democrats.” He means the party of anti-democrats. It is now clear that the Democrat Party hates both elections and parliament. That hatred amounts to a deep disdain for the electorate, which they consider stupid or paid (as do all yellow shirts).

Of course, it isn’t just The Nation that is a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.  It also has boosters at the Bangkok Post where repeating Democrat Party rants seems to amount to something called an op-ed. This piece by Veera Prateepchaikul is simply a plagiarism of yellow-shirt social media, that was also picked up by the Democrat Party.

Veera would have us believe that no one could believe “that anyone in the Pheu Thai Party would dare to defy their master” – he means Thaksin Shinawatra – by opposing the reprehensible version of the amnesty bill that the Puea Thai Party hierarchy has chosen to doctor and support.

Refusing to believe that any red shirt leader can oppose this flawed and politically stupid amnesty proposal, Veera parrots the yellow-shirted media and says:

The brouhaha generated by their reported threat to vote down the revised amnesty bill could well be just a facade to appease some red-shirt followers who lost their loved ones in the May protest….

Veera claims they do this because they do not “dare to challenge their master, who has given them so many things – from seats in the parliament as Pheu Thai list MPs to wealth that they might never have imagined before.” No evidence of course for such claims; if you read it often enough at yellow shirt social media and in emails from your extremist mates amongst the yellow lot, you come to believe it.

Veera can’t comprehend the notion that a battle is now underway amongst red shirts on this issue. For details on the red shirt leadership’s actually stated current positions, see posts here, here and here.



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