Managing and maintaining the social order

27 10 2013

One notable feature of the political conflicts of recent years has involved the royalist elite trying to cope with a range of challenges to the hierarchy and status that it considers foundational for the the social order.

The most notable challenge is to the position of the monarchy. Yet there are others who poke and prod the somnolent old men who reckon they control and organize economic and political power.

One of these are the students who are campaigning for an end to the drudgery and conformity demanded of students at all levels.Students

We were interested to note that a report at The Nation that indicates the continuing “struggle” to control students seeking sensible change to the old system.

The report tells of 40 high school and university students who were “detained and fined for illegally modifying a vehicle by setting up loudspeakers and making space for posters as part of their protest calling for educational reform…”.

The students were “fined Bt500 each.” However, it seems that the ever vigilant men in tight-fitting uniforms considered charges “for violating the Internal Security Act…”. The not-so-bright enforcers of the social order “were also thinking of charging them with disturbing the motorcade of HRH the Crown Prince, but later dropped the idea.”

Challenging the almost feudal order in schools is apparently taken very seriously by functionaries who manage and maintain hierarchy.



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