Partisan judges

6 11 2013

We have long known that Thailand’s legal bench is populated by royalists and corrupt flunkies who preside over kangaroo courts and dispense “justice” as a commodity and with a set of double standards that are lamentable in the region and globally.

Today, 63 judges have shown that they are pleased and proud to be partisan. We doubt that these royalist flunkies even understand the gravity of the situation they have created by being seen as partisan political activists. For this post, we can leave aside the corruption that riddles the courts and concentrate on their act of political and constitutional debauchery.Kangaroo Kourt

Their move is arguably more politically arrogant than the Puea Thai Party’s attempt to re-route amnesty.

The Bangkok Post states that this is “the first time that Court of Justice judges have publicly expressed their political views.” That’s not true in that many of the decisions they have made on several cases, including lese majeste, have been blatantly political, as any of our links posted above show.

Calling themselves “Judges Who Love the Motherland,” while reminiscent of the fascist judges of 1930s and wartime Europe for doing the bidding of their political bosses, by declaring their opposition to the amnesty bill they have destroyed what little credibility the courts had managed to maintain.

Saying that “the statement reflected their personal opinions and had nothing to do with any court or judicial organisation” simply reflects how politically biased they are and, frankly, how stupid they are.They can have personal opinions, but judges as a group in a constitutional and representative system with separation of powers simply don’t mouth off.

Should we tell them that judges are supposed to be independent of the political process? Shouldn’t they already know? And if they don’t, shouldn’t they be sacked?

Proving their lack of legal and intelligence quotients, they apparently stated: “As judges, we are duty-bound to maintain righteousness and justice in this country. We strongly oppose the amnesty bill, which is to go before the Upper House…”. As judges, they are not duty-bound to engage in partisan politicking.

If they want to engage in such acts, they should resign. Now they should be required to stand down. We imagine there’s not much chance of that.




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