Calling for a coup

9 11 2013

Last week we joked about a coup in Thailand. This week, sadly, it seems that, sadly, it seems that some students at, sadly, Thammasat University are calling for a military coup.

At CNN there is an iReport that states:Calling for a coup

About 30 students from Thammasat University went to the streets of Bangkok yesterday to express their unhappiness with the Government of Thailand. Some students held banners demanding the military to interfere, while others vented on the immediate need for an army coup.

Thammasat University is Thailand’s second oldest institute of higher learning. The students joined the anti-democracy protests in the city, which started with the parliamentary endorsement of the high-debated Amnesty Bill.

Ironically, the students of today have taken their rights for granted under the present administration’s work towards greater democracy.

While the photo is not verified by CNN, the source is usually reliable.

It is not “ironic” that Thammasat students should call for a coup. Rather, it is a trampling on the history of a great institution which today is largely controlled by royalist flunkies and largely populated by students who are from the elite and sadly unaware of the meaning of the university’s foundation and of its pivotal role in the fight against authoritarianism.



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