Chiranuch’s appeal rejected

9 11 2013

Chiranuch Premchaiporn was was charged in 2009 under the computer crimes-cum-lese majeste law for 10 comments posted at a Prachatai web board in 2008.  She was convicted on 30 May 2012.

An AFP report at The Malay Mail notes she lost her appeal against her ridiculous conviction and sentencing on Friday. The Appeals Court upheld the eight-month suspended jail sentence and fine.Chiranuch computer

At Prachatai it is reported that the judge “agreed with the Court of First Instance that it was convincing that the defendant had not consented to the nine comments that appeared on the forum for 1-11 days. However, the court was not convinced that the defendant was not aware of one particular comment which appeared for 20 days.” The judge then went into royalist-elite-speak:

Given that the defendant was 41 years old at the time, she had graduated from journalism school and she had worked in the media industry, she should have been aware that internet forums can be abused by criminals who use it to defame the monarchy, the judge said, adding that as a Thai citizen, the defendant has a duty to protect the monarchy.

The judge further maintained that the monarchy is “related to national security.”

Protecting wealth, privilege and power at the most minute level is critical for the survival of the nation or at least the ruling class that clusters around the palace.