“Princess” horror show

10 11 2013

Our Sunday post that provides a few laughs may appear out of place as the country faces yet another crisis, but we all need a chuckle. And this is not a post about kidney stones, either.

It is about the promotion of the Thai movie industry in Hollywood. As it was Halloween, who better to speak of Thai horror movies that “Princess” Ubolratana. As the king’s eldest daughter, she is called “princess” but really doesn’t have this title as it was removed by her father when she married a foreigner (if we missed its reinstatement, let us know).

The Los Angeles Times reports that Ubolratana “was leading a delegation of Thai officials, including the country’s deputy prime minister and minister of commerce, in their first Los Angeles ‘road show’ to promote the country’s resources, talent and desirability as a film location.”Ubolratana

We can’t think why she’d leads a delegation apart from her demanding such exposure or some cock-eyed bureaucrat thinking that a proncess might carry more weight in Hollywood than, say, acclaimed directors from Thailand. Who knows, there might have been some on the junket, but you wouldn’t know it from the fawning report about the former princess.

Of course, she fancies herself as some kind of starlet, promoting film and tourism, and so shows up in Cannes, Pusan and other film festivals in expensive places, sounding empty-headed and being vainglorious (“empty-headed” is a kind description).

The last paragraph in the LA Times explains the feudal end of the horror show:

After her speech, Princess Ubolratana wished the crowd a happy Halloween and sat down to watch a performance of traditional Thai dancers. When the dance was over, the room went silent as the princess left the crowd and walked down a red carpet as her subjects bowed, curtsied and clasped their hands in respect.



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