Some have gone home and other interesting bits and pieces

13 11 2013

A couple of days ago we said that it didn’t look like the various PAD and (anti)Democrat Party protest organizers were wanting to allow the protesters to go home, hoping to build a firestorm of protests to bring the government down.

If this photo, just tweeted, is anything to go by, it seems some have decided to take off. Perhaps just for a latte in the middle of the day? We don’t know, but the Democrat Party-supplied blue chairs look very, very lonely.

Empty seats

Meanwhile, a reader reminds us that the Men in Black have revealed themselves:

Men in BlackMore seriously, Thai E-news reports an email interview with someone claiming to be a Man in Black from 10 April 2010. Only in Thai, sorry.

Also serious is Kaewmala’s piece on recent events. As usual, her thoughtful commentary is worth a read. Her statement on the amnesty shamozzle is worth repeating:

Pheu Thai’s amnesty bid for Thaksin has to be the stupidest, most reckless and selfish gamble it has ever made. By now it is clear that Pheu Thai’s (or Thaksin’s) hubris in believing that the majority in parliament was enough to ram the bill through both the lower and upper houses was a colossal mistake.

The photo she reproduces of some Chulalongkorn students protesting against those who lie and cheat, kill and commit arson giving themselves an amnesty indicates that an education can’t erase hatred and closed mindedness amongst the scions of the elite. Presumably they are big fans of ultra-royalists like Chulalongkorn medico Tul Sitthisomwong and various elite astrologers.




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