Anti-government name change / violence

30 11 2013

The Civil Movement for Democracy has re-named itself the People’s Democratic Reform Committee and released another statement:

PDRC Statement Number: 1

Civil Movement for Democracy (CMD) Statement 4

Issued: 30 NOV 2013

Statement for Immediate Release

People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC)

Rejecting the divisive, color-coded politics of recent years, the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) was set up comprising of leaders from various organizations participating in the Civil Movement for Democracy (CMD), a broad-based people’s movement committed to rooting out Thaksin’s regime and to build and inclusive Thai society based upon sustainable democratic principles.

At present, the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) encompasses organizational and citizen’s involvement which includes the State Enterprises Workers’ Relations Confederation, officially representing 45 State Enterprises nation-wide, The Business Club for Democracy, a coalition of business leaders advocating good governance, leading academics such as former President of the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), 5 former Ministers and senior bureaucrats as well as well-known civil society leaders and activists.

Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban, as Secretary-General of PDRC, said in his announcement stressing not PDRC’s strict adherence to the use of non-violence. The symbolic peaceful sit-in’s, protesting the constitutional violations, corruption and abuse of power of the Yingluck government is gaining wide-spread support across regions, with state employees waving national flags and cheering upon arrival of the civil participants.

This followed the mass rally last week, in which more than a million Thais from all walks of life joined, showing they no longer trust a government which puts the interests of serving the Thaksin regime before the public’s interest.

PDRC today announced plans for more sit-in’s at other government buildings tomorrow from 10 AM onwards to encourage civil servants to join the peaceful demonstrations.

Mr. Akanat Promphan PDRC Spokesman condemned the government’s mobilization of the Red Shirts which resulted in today’s clashes with a student rally at Ramkhamhaeng University, with at least one student shot and several injured, as a clear sign of the government’s intention to induce violence indiscriminately against its citizens.

Note the last paragraph attributing violence to the government and identifying a student as having been shot. One person was reportedly shot and 5 injured, although other reports are of 11 injured. Most reports, as will be examined in a further post by PPT, have Ramkhamhaeng University students and other anti-government protesters engaging in considerable violence against people identified as red shirts. This follows sporadic attacks on people identified as red shirts in recent days.

PPT was bemused that this group should choose to attack and condemn red shirts rallying – and they have mostly been more or less enclosed in a stadium – when this lot are themselves running on the mobilization of their supporters as they fan out across the city and engage in acts that are meant to sabotage and inhibit state agencies and state-related enterprises.



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