Lese majeste law a cruel farce

5 12 2013

Today is Thailand’s “Dear Leader” day as the North Korea-with-advertsing propaganda regarding the king’s birthday goes into high gear.

In amongst all of the royalist nonsense, it should not be forgotten that the lese majeste law is now applied to dead kings and the whole of this dynasty. This farcical interpretation is yet another chilling reinforcement of a feudal law in modern Thailand.

It should not be forgotten that this law is above even the constitution when interpreted by the royalist courts. Despite the fact that this constitution was delivered by an undemocratic process and a military-backed regime with a privy councilor at its head, lese majeste is, effectively, Thailand’s supreme law.

People are still charged and an unknown number remain in jail.

Get rid of this outdated and political law that protects a feudal system and fiefdoms of the royally-connected.



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