Bias in the headlines

18 12 2013

PPT was struck by a headline and story at the Bangkok Post that indicates the bias inherent in the paper. The headline is: “Chiang Mai red-shirts threaten PM critic.” The story tells of “Red-shirts on Tuesday rallied outside the home of Chiang Mai Cultural Council president Chao Duangduan na Chiang Mai to demand her resignation after she criticised caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her brother Thaksin.”

Fully 50 supporters of Rak Chiang Mai 51 rallied “in front of Chiang Mai provincial hall to vent anger after Chao Duangduan claimed former prime minister Thaksin is the root cause of disorder in the country.” The group read a statement and said more pressure would be applied if she refused. There was a speech and everyone went home.

Are we mistaken? Isn’t Suthep Thaugsuban demanding the resignation of the premier? Hasn’t he made threatening speeches and sent his thousands of supporters into battle with police and to occupy buildings? Isn’t he threatening?

In this Post tradition of biased headlines, PPT suggests that another of their headlines, which reads: “Abhisit uncontested as Democrat leader,” should be changed to read: “Political Extremists control Democrat Party”

After all, with Abhisit Vejjajiva re-elected leader, and reformists like Alongkorn Ponlaboot, who campaigned to restructure the party, pushed aside, Abhisit’s extremist, anti-liberal and anti-democratic wing has complete control.