Updated: Lies, incompetence or both?

22 12 2013

PPT is again confused by the local media’s unprofessional reporting. The same newspaper that has published op-eds screaming about the bias of the “foreign media,” the Bangkok Post, has a headline: “Women” outside PM’s house.  It claims:

…[a] group of anti-government protesters, mostly women and transvestites, many of them members of the Miss Tiffany’s dance troupe, converged outside the house of caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in Soi Yothin Pattana 3 on the road parallel to the Ekamai-Ram Intra expressway.

Led by well known gay academic and rabid yellow shirt Seri Wongmontha, the group said the demonstration would be “symbolic.” Tipped off wealthy locals “have parked their cars far from the area, amid fears that the protests might escalate.”

The Post reports:

As of 11am, the demonstrators, armed with whistles, hand-clappers and Thai flags, led by Seri and Ms Anchalee was moving past Pratunam area and gathered outside Ms Yingluck’ house in Soi Yothin Pattana 3.

Apparently, much of this reporting is biased nonsense. Rather than symbolic, the protest has been aggressive against police and seems to have more than a few protesters who are the shock troops and neither women and transvestites. Indeed, the Post’s own picture shows this:


Another photo, tweeted by another journalist shows male protesters forcing police vehicles aside at 10.20 AM, well before the Post report (which mentions 11 AM) but doesn’t mention this aggression by non-women:

More women

Is this lies, incompetence or both? It’s certainly unprofessional.

Update: The Nation repeats the lie: “Only women and transsexuals – many of them members of the Miss Tiffany’s dance troupe – joined the protest, dubbed the ‘flower protest’, outside Yingluck’s residence.”



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