Updated: Anti-democrats on violence

27 12 2013

Breaking inAs expected, the anti-democratic movement has defended its violence with denials and attacks on others. Their story is supported by some of the more egregious media such as The Nation.

The anti-democrat make-believe story is that police “commenced firing tear gas on unarmed protesters from the People and Student Network for the Reform of Thailand.” That Network is a protest-hardened PAD organization made up of thugs from vocational schools and southern “rubber farmers.” Both groups have a reputation for violence.

Broken wallAs is well-known, these demonstrators were neither unarmed and nor were they peaceful (see the photo of the machete wielding thug). They attacked the Thai-Japan stadium with the specific aim of cutting and pulling open gates, smashing and scaling fences (see the pictures above and right) and attacking police with the sole aim being to sabotage the electoral process they hate and fear. Notice that in our last picture below, the gates are smashed in from the outside.

The claim that these protesters were “simply there to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the 2 February, 2014 election registration…”, is a bald-faced lie. No more, no less.Machete man

The claim that they “did not have any protective apparatus and were forced to use makeshift gear made of thin surgical masks, towels, and plastic shower caps” is equally false as seen in the picture below.

The claim is made that police used “live ammunition resulting in dozens of injured innocent protesters and at least 2 deaths.” We have seen no documentary evidence that police used live ammunition.Gas mask

The anti-democratic movement says it “condemn[s] the violent means and excessive force employed by Yingluck Shinawatra’s caretaker government and the police today. Law enforcement officials were not acting in self-defense…”. All the evidence indicates that this is another lie and they make no statement in the official announcement about the shooting death of a policeman.

Smashed gatesOn stage, however, Suthep Thaugsuban condemned the dead policeman as being a red shirt supporter and continued the fabrications regarding his increasingly violent movement. Suthep supports violence as a necesary means to gain and retain power over those who champion elections. We saw that in 2009 and 2010 when he had access to state power and weapons and he is doing it again with thugs and a hatred that threatens his opponents with death.

Suthep’s lies and class hatred are piled high: he says “our movement will remain peaceful and unarmed.” The death of police and red shirts demonstrates his hatred and lies. These dead are considered lesser humans than “his” dead and injured. As in claims about his opponents being lower individuals and from the basest classes, he condemns them in death as lesser humans too. It is in the nature of the anti-democrats to claim that those with wealth and power have the right to rule over the lesser beings.

That the anti-democracy movement considers their cause righteous and their opens lesser humans is illustrated by ventriloquist’s dummy Abhisit Vejjajiva, who aping the now-disabled queen, visits “his” injured protesters with other members of the hideously misnamed Democrat Party.Abhisit It is clear that Abhisit is now no more than Suthep’s political servant and that the Democrat Party is yet another tool of the fascist royalists.

Suthep promises more violence: “I therefore renew my plea for civil servants everywhere to join us openly…”. He says his supporters must be ready to fight again: “Today’s events are a valuable lesson. After new year’s, we will stand ready to fight the Thaksin regime and this proxy government bare-handed [sic.].”

He claims that his fighters are righteous and only the violence of lesser beings is real violence: “I am confident that today has taught us much in this regard. Unlike the violent protests of 2010, we are peaceful and collected [sic.]. We must so remain until victory is ours!”

Suthep demands that his provincial gangs prepare for more violence: “Provincial PDRC units, please take note. After new year’s, we will move ahead with reforming Thailand, so please stand ready in Bangkok and across the nation.” Reform has become a metaphor for inciting violence. That violence remains targeted at preventing elections and demanding that his allies in the Election Commission support the anti-democrats: “Let me stress again that The Election Commission should recognize after today that we are not giving up.” In other words, the violence was carefully planned as a strategy to defeat any attempt at electoral politics.

Update: At the anti-democratic movement’s Facebook page, spokesman Akanat Promphan makes day into night and white into black:

Please evaluate all information with care. The caretaker government is distorting and misrepresenting events to the public to cause misunderstanding and further division. We urge everyone to take note, and we thank you for keeping an eye out for any misinformation.

As far as we are able to tell, the truth remains an elusive and endangered species in the hands of the anti-democrats. Interestingly, their Facebook page is full of stories from The Nation and the Bangkok Post.



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