Further updated: More on violence

27 12 2013

Readers sent PPT some interesting video links:

1) Police coming under attack with bullets hitting them and police vehicles.

2) Apparently some from the military providing support to protesters. We note someone in the middle of the pack receiving weapons and other items, a man with a “Press” jacket on. If readers see a related story, we’d appreciate the link.

Khaosod has a detailed report on the two dead – one policeman and one protester – both killed by gunshots. It also has details regarding other who were severely injured during the clash, including a medic.

Update 1: Metropolitan Police Bureau spokesman Maj Gen Adul Narongsak is quoted in a story at The Nation:

He said that at 9.15am on Thursday two male protesters had climbed a building and sprayed live rounds down on police officers below, killing Pol Senior Sgt-Major Narong Pitisit, a traffic policeman from Bangkok’s Talat Phlu Police Station.

Update 2: Khaosod reports an armed attack on protesters, probably in as misguided retaliation for the violence yesterday. More violence is likely to beget even more:

Four anti-government protest guards have been wounded by the gunfire, and one of them later died at hospital. One of the injured protesters is said to be in critical condition.





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