Jailed red shirts

4 01 2014

A reader kindly pointed out that PPT missed a significant story at the Bangkok Post a couple of days ago. In amongst the static of Veera Prateepchaikul’s propaganda for anti-democracy it is sometimes easy to miss reports by real journalists. This one is by Achara Ashayagachat, who is usually worth reading, and who is anything but a desk-bound propagandist.

The 23 red shirt prisoners are now beginning a third new year at Lak Si prison for political prisoners. While they have missed out on the reasonable version of the amnesty bill they supported, they remain firmly behind the Yingluck Shinawatra government, and regard the anti-democracy movement “as indecent and illegitimate.”

One prisoner is reported to have lamented: “Our prime minister … has given in to several unwarranted demands, but still the elite and nobility network [the protesters] are unhappy.” The protester added: They really do not understand the basics about equal rights in a democracy…”. And more:

“Their insults against rural folks are unacceptable and I wonder if they would be able to grow rice and fruit, do the household chores, look after transport and clean offices by themselves if we revolted.”

All excellent points, unless you are opposed to democracy and elections.

Another inmate pointed to the double standards that saw red shirts jailed while anti-democracy protesters broke the law with impunity: “It seems punishment is unevenly applied against red-shirt demonstrators while the conservative nobility people are spared…”. She added: “What kind of justice is this?”

Sadly, it is the justice of the royalist judiciary that has protected its allies since 2005. Nothing has changed there.



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