Abhisit challenged

8 01 2014

Abhisit Vejjajiva has been little more than the one of the bit players in Suthep Thaugsuban’s anti-democracy show. Abhisit has been seen pushing the pea around in his whistle and trying to look like a demonstrator, and then disingenuously claiming that the Democrat Party and anti-democracy movement are separate. No one believes him, but not many listen to him anyway.abhisit and whistle

Because his Democrat Party is boycotting the snap election – that he once wanted – because it is clear that Suthep is the real boss, and because the party is now in the hands of anti-democratic extremists, anything Abhisit does is pretty much a sideshow and of little interest.

This changed a bit yesterday, when a lone protester heckled Abhisit.

Abhisit was at a media event organized by the Democrat Party at titled “Eradicate Corruption, Committed In Reforms”  at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, now essentially a gallery for royalist dross, “when an unidentified man stood up in the audience and blew his whistle.”

Of course, the few in the audience of faithful party members and recent members took no notice as acting like a parking attendants is the symbol of the anti-democracy lot. Then “he held up a sign which reads – in English – ‘Respect My Vote!‘.” That had security guards trying to shut the lone man up.Respect Vote

Abhisit was reportedly “visibly surprised by the incident, but the former leader tried to manage the confrontation by thanking the man for his remarks.” The heckler demanded:  “When you were the government, why didn′t you do it [stop corruption]? Stop the discourse about anti-corruption. You have intimidated other people, so can they not intimidate you as well?”.

Abhisit told the audience: “This is the form of Democrat Party′s rivals”, and the heckler retorted: “I am not your rival, I am the people!“.

Remarkably, the effete Abhisit said that “such harassment is a reason why the upcoming election on 2 February 2014 would not be a fair one.”

Yes, that’s right, one heckler is evidence of an “unfair” election. Disparaging one of your betters is a reason for overthrowing another elected government and supporting fascism.



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