Updated: Angry Suthep

28 01 2014

PPT is playing a little catch-up as there is a flood of information coming out at present from multiple sources. We thought that readers would wish to know what the anti-democrats want known by the world, so here and in another post we are going to put up their latest announcements.

The first is a press statement by Suthep Thaugsuban, complete with logo.


And continues:Suthep2Nothing much of note here except for the longish insistence that protesters are unarmed and the increasing shrillness of complaints about CMPO. Recall that Suthep was a leader of a similar organization in 2010, and he ensured that the authorities were always very heavily armed.

Update: The anti-democrats also explain that the so-called Thaksin regime is not “rooted” as stated above, but is to be “uprooted.” Make of that what you will.