This is for the king I

31 01 2014

Several reports have claimed that the monarchy has, apart from Chulabhorn’s color-wearing declaration, been a bit quiet in the current political struggle. At the same time, the anti-democrats have been expressing royalist sentiments with considerable enthusiasm.

A recent story at The Nation: has referred to statements made by People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) “key member” Anek Nakabut.

As well as claiming that the “decisive moment” in the struggle with the “Thaksin regime” is likely “in three to six months,” Anek “blamed foreign powers for being behind the ills of Thai politics – not just the incumbent administration and fugitive former PM Thaksin Shinawatra.”

Anek’s clearly a fan of specious American bloggers connected to libertarian rightists.

But then this emotionally-charged battle-cry:

“We’re going to make new history! This is the decisive point of Thai history. We came out because our hearts called for it, because we love Thailand and the King,” he said in a voice choked with emotion.

He also asked: “Are we not a majority today?” The answer to that is obviously “No.”

Also at The Nation, Dr Sarawit “Gong” Sookbun is reported to have supported the “celebrities” supporting the anti-democrats. He posted a poem:

advising the CMPO that, if its officials were going to arrest entertainers, they should also arrest anyone committing lese majeste, a popular pastime among supporters of the government.

The monarchy is never far from the central concerns of the anti-democrats.



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