Abhisit under pressure

4 02 2014

We guess that anti-democrats will view these two videos and loudly applaud Abhisit Vejjajiva, even if his position and views now matter very little to the struggle being waged in Bangkok. Others, however, will see the reasons why  the English-speaking, narrow-thinking elite politician is a failure as a politician and a democrat. PPT won’t provide any commentary on these interviews.

Bloomberg also:


And just for fun, we include a clip from Australian ABC television, which introduces Democrat Party ideologue Panitan Wattanayagorn as an academic and with the title of “professor” no less! Why a respected news organization would not identify the anti-democratic credentials of this pseudo-academic is beyond PPT. When asked about why it is the Democrat Party can’t win the support of voters in the most populous parts of Thailand, Panitan speaks of “the problem of representative democracy.” It is indeed a problem for him and his Democrat Party colleagues who prefer anti-democratic politics.

This ABC of interviews is amongst the worst PPT has seen in recent years. The two Australian based talking heads make Panitan look like a serious scholar rather than a propagandist. The “representative” of the “Thai community” in Australia makes a dozen false claims in about as many seconds about “what Thais want.”



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