Lese majeste verdict

17 02 2014

PPT noted that Khaosod reports on the judgement in the case of Bundith Arniya on lese majeste charges that had gone back to the Supreme Court. It is reported that the court found the “73 year old writer guilty of insulting the monarchy and handed him a suspended sentence of three years in prison.”

He had previously been “convicted of the crime by the Court of Appeals, which also handed the defendant an unsuspended two year jail term. Mr. Bundit contested the verdict, arguing that he was not mentally sane at the time of his alleged wrongdoing. His plea was accepted by the Supreme Court today”

But for the harassed defendant, all this decision did was take him back to the situation where the Court of First Instance, having given him a jail sentence of four years saw that reduced by the High Court to a suspended sentence of three years in jail.

Bundith’s reaction to the verdict was said to be “mixed. He voiced his disappointment that the court found him guilty of the alleged crime, but expressed relief that the prison term has been averted.” He added: “I am glad that I didn′t have to die in prison…”.

The case goes back to 2003 and Khaosod reports that the “trial of Mr. Bundit had been largely conducted in secrecy, and the media had been dissuaded from reporting about the case thanks to strict lese majeste laws.”




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