Bizarre and strange II

25 02 2014

PPT has received another of the anti-democrat press releases. It begins:

(24 Feb. 2014) PDRC Spokesperson Akanat Promphan harshly berated the slayings of children and innocent citizens in Trat and Ratchaprasong in which at least 3 children aged between 4 – 6 years and 1 adult were killed and over 50 injured in the last 36 hours.

“The bombings are not ordinary attacks – they are attempted massacres,” condemned Akanat. “We suspect that the assailants were professionally trained and the operations pre-meditated. M16s and M79s – weapons of war – were launched at unsuspecting, unarmed masses of peaceful citizens in public spaces. Children were clearly present at both Saen Tung Ying Charoen Market and Big C Rajdamri yet the murderers still attacked. Simply put, these were planned and organized acts of terror. We strongly believe the terrorists intended to intimidate those demonstrating against Yingluck Shinawatra and the Thaksin regime.”

This is as one would expect, blaming the current regime for the violence. Suthep Thaugsuban reckons “Cambodians” were involved, and this is an old, hyper-nationalist rant that has no evidence to back it, but the claim is one that builds on similar claims he made against red shirts back in 2010, claiming the foreign insurgents were in the pay of Thaksin Shinawatra. This was a similarly a claim made with no evidence.

So these deaths become a part of the political struggle and again this is as would be expected in the current circumstances.

What is bizarre and strange is the response to Yingluck’s statement on the events. She stated, initially at a Facebook page, as translated by Bangkok Pundit:

[I] condemn the use of violence that caused injuries and deaths especially at Rajaprasong intersection because it resulted in the death of a child which is lamentable…. I want to express sorrow to those injured and to the family members of those killed.

She added:

These are acts of terror in order for political benefit without regard for human life. The government will not allow this and I have ordered government agencies to find the perpetrators quickly and without exception [regardless of who they are]

Reasonable people might consider this also to be the kind of response that the premier should make immediately following such a tragic event. But not the anti-democrats. They responded in their press release this way:

Spokesperson Akanat condemned Yingluck’s Facebook reaction to the Trat and Ratchaprasong killings. “Both the medium and the message were insulting. First, condolences for such a grave occasion warrant a personal appearance by the caretaker PM. Using social media as the initial conduit makes the messenger appear insincere. We don’t even know who wrote the post.

Second, the message was offensive because Yingluck politicized the slayings. The Facebook posting labelled the Trat and Ratchaprasong incidents “terrorist acts for political gains,” described Akanat. “Her politicization of these murders is tasteless and manipulative. For the first time in the onslaught of anti-demonstrator violence, she vows to bring the culprits to justice because ‘the government will not tolerate terrorism,’ but completely refuses to address previous incidents.

This response ignores their own politicization of the event earlier in their press release, which was also posted to their Facebook page…. The anti-democrats, now controlled by the extremists, seems to only speak to its own true believers. The middle ground is as narrow as a knife-edge.



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