Double standards piled high

27 02 2014

A reader rightly points out that PPT missed yet another example of judicial bias and double standards reported at the Bangkok Post:

The Criminal Court yesterday rejected the Department of Special Investigation’s (DSI) request for warrants for the arrest of 13 People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leaders.

The court cited the Civil Court’s ruling that the emergency decree cannot be used against PDRC protesters it said were rallying peacefully without weapons.

The point here is that now the Constitutional Court (which made the original ruling), the Civil Court and now the Criminal Court have quite simply ignored the evidence of anti-democrat violence and use of weapons. It is that simple and that biased. The question in our collective mind is who is telling the courts that they can behave in this manner?

It seems that even criminal cases such as this are being treated as lese majeste cases in the sense that there are now attempts to prevent scrutiny. As the report points out: “Those not directly involved in the case were not allowed in the courtroom.”

This may be a taste of things to come should the anti-democrats triumph and institute a reign of terror against opponents.



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