Execution by hanging at the yardarm

16 03 2014

Everybody knows that Naval Special Warfare Command (SEAL) commander Winai Klom-in has been a mutinous supporter of the anti-democrats. So PPT wonders if it does him any harm when his strong ties to the most extreme of this movement are exposed.

Certainly, the recent report that the extremists of the Network of Students and People for the Reform of Thailand (NSPRT) has “asked the navy to review its impending transfer” of Winai is no surprise. Perhaps it is a little more startling that the extremists would “picket outside the navy headquarters” and petition the navy.

When the People’s Alliance for Democracy and student’s “adviser” Nittithon Lamlua rails that Winai should not be transferred for allegedly providing guards and perhaps even training, shooters and weapons to the anti-democrats because this is “allow[ing] politics to interfere” the alliance between Winai and the extremists is made especially clear. Nittithon fears losing a significant supporter, backer and strategist.

Winai says that if he doesn’t like his new position, he’ll quit the Navy. In the old days, mutinous naval officers faced “[e]xecution by hanging at the yardarm…”, not a gentle transfer.



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