Abhisit in court

27 03 2014

Yesterday PPT made mention of Abhisit Vejjajiva and Suthep Thaugsuban in the context of asking why the military brass were not being held responsible for murderous attacks on red shirts in 2010.

A couple of days ago, before his tumble and stint in hospital*, Democrat Party leader and former premier Abhisit was in court defending an associated case brought against him. In a report at The Nation, the Criminal Court stated that he “could have committed an abuse of authority if he had failed to follow crowd control practices or issue orders without reasonable grounds in connection with the deadly military crackdown on red-shirt protesters in April-May 2010.”Snipers

Interestingly, the court took on one of the principal defenses that Abhisit has used, saying that he “could have committed an abuse of authority in accordance with the Criminal Code or offences under the Emergency Decree law if he issued wrongful or unreasonable orders after having imposed the state of emergency.” Abhisit always hides behind these laws and decrees.

Abhisit reportedly denied “murder and attempted murder charges filed against him.”

These cases are brought by the Office of the Attorney General’s Special Cases Litigation Office and refer to the violent deaths of taxi driver Pan Kamgong (43) and Kunakorn Srisuwan (14). Relatives of the two are co-plaintiffs in the case. It is argued that the people killed and injured was as “a result of the crowd control operation ordered by Abhisit because security officials used real bullets.” Suthep is accused of “approving the use of real bullets and sharp shooters [snipers] during the operation.”

Missing from court was Suthep, who despite having an arrest warrant out for him, swans around Bangkok, leading the anti-democrats and surrounded by armed thug-guards. Apparently also protected by someone higher up, Suthep thumbs his nose at the courts when he wants to, while cheering the decisions of certain biased elements of the judiciary.

*Readers who watched the clip of yellow-shirt lawyer Kaewsan Atibhodhi will recall that he made use of pictures of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra following her tumble from a van that had her in a wheelchair as part of his political attack on her.



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