Jaruvan joins the royalist senate team

31 03 2014

PPT was interested to note that none of the anti-democrats decided to block the Senate election. Of course, this is because the anti-democrats know that, as the Senate is half-appointed, they are guaranteed to “win” in the sense that they really only need a couple of elected royalists to consider that they have a “win.”

It is only elections that the anti-democrats think they might lose that they choose to boycott and block.

In Bangkok, the Senate election appears to have resulted in a victory for yet another quite mad monarchist in former Auditor-General Jaruvan Maintaka. Searching PPT’s tag for her produces several stories that indicate her previous “career” as royalist, her desperation to hold her post, despite rules that required her to leave.

Jaruvan claimed that her continued occupation of her office represented an effort to “save the country.” Supported by various royalist, palace and military groups, she said she would “remain loyal to the monarchy until my last breath…”.




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