More shootings

2 04 2014

Khaosod reports on shots fired at anti-democrats, reporting one killed. The Nation reports that the attack was on the militant “Students and People’s Network for Thailand’s Reform (STR), travelling in a three-vehicle convoy, … returning from a rally led by … Suthep Thaugsuban…”. In response, so-called STR adviser Nittithon Lamlua said:

the attack showed that police could not be trusted to protect members of his group, adding that the STR would travel with maximum self-defence capability when conducting future activities, and was ready to counter any threat.

We take it that the statement of “maximum self-defence capability” suits the interests of this extremist group, which is heavily armed. According to the Bangkok Post, the so-called students blamed red shirts:

The network and the PDRC were convinced that two red-shirt members were involved in the shooting. They said Yim Tasawang, a hardcore member of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), posted his message on the Lungyim Tasawang Facebook page at 11am: ”Don’t stay close to Lung Kamnan today. There’s a report that a team led by Ko Tee has khanom (sweets) from the border waiting on their way back on the expressway.” He was referring to Mr Suthep, known now as “Lung Kamnan”.

However, the red-shirt member later denied any involvement. ”I warned you since this morning not to take the expressway. I’m not involved in this,” he said on the same page after the shooting.

PDRC spokesman Akanat Promphan said the message’s meaning was obvious and questioned the coincidence of the Facebook posting and the ambush. ”Everybody knows what khanom means,” he said and urged police to bring him and Wuthipong Kachathamkul, alias Ko Tee, in for questioning.

Mr Wuthipong, who is a red-shirt leader in Pathum Thani, did not react to the shooting.



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