NACC bias

7 04 2014

It has been a busy couple of days, and PPT has been trying to find time to get to this post, and we now can.

In a story reported at The Nation, the National Anti-Corruption Commission has declared that it “will give caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra a fair chance to defend herself and will use the same standards as in court trials…”. We assume this is in response to media outlets and others pointing out that the NACC was not prepared to hear all of the witnesses Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra wanted for this case.

NACC member Vicha Mahakun said that Yingluck’s repeated request that the “NACC allow four additional witnesses to give statements on the rice-pledging scheme, Vicha said the NACC had yet to decide whether to accept her request.” They had earlier rejected witnesses, allowing just three of the 11 the premier wanted.

Probably realizing that the NACC looks legally sick, “Vicha said the NACC would adopt the same standards as courts in allowing witnesses to give statements.” By this he means that: “We allow only witnesses who we believe have involvement in the case in some way. We are not allowing all witnesses…”. Without hearing them, we wonder if the NACC has a resident clairvoyant who can determine what witnesses will say.

But just suppose that we took Vicha and the NACC at their word. Would we be totally daft to do that? The answer seems to be that we’d be stark raving mad. On the very same day, it was also reported at The Nation that the very same Vicha had spoken at Thammasat University to mark Sanya Dharmasakti Day.

Not only did Vicha want “Thailand’s entire legal system should be revamped” to tackle corruption, but he made comments on the premier’s case before the NACC.

Vicha proclaimed that “bad people must be eradicated from the system.” Has he been drinking from the anti-democrat fountain of megalomania? Eradication carries all kinds of nasty overtones.

Turning to the present government and the anti-government calls to be rid of it he stated: “You can’t say that [a bad government] will stay for four years only. It won’t go as it has already put its men in the system…”. Yep, that’s the “Thaksin regime” anti-democratic mantra of Suthep Thaugsuban he’s repeating.

Vicha “heads an NACC committee investigating the government’s rice-pledging scheme,” helpfully pointed out that the:

Thailand Development Research Institute had done a research into the scheme two years ago and had warned the government to stop the programme to prevent further loss…. The research said [the rice-pledging scheme] would bring to an end [development of] rice production. Farmers will be stuck and short of money because the Bt200 billion revolving fund from the government’s annual budget would be turned into the hands of companies or businessmen with deliberate plans. Only a small budget would reach the farmers….

He “also pointed to the missing 2 million tonnes of rice from the government’s silo since 2012 as another problem in the scheme.”

It looks like the “fair chance to defend herself and will use the same standards as in court trials” mentioned in the first story is horse manure as Vicha already has all the evidence he needs to convict. The bias is so great that no reasonable person could ever take this kangaroo court seriously.

And, yes, according to this report, Vicha was appointed to the position by the coup-makers in 2006.



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