Lawyers gone wild

9 04 2014

It is almost impossible to comprehend the depths to which the judiciary and lawyers in Thailand have allowed themselves to be flushed down a hole that is so deep that they may never recover. Like the famous Three Stooges legal firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe and the NPR Car Talk lawyers mentioned each week at that show, Thailand’s lawyers seem beyond believability.

Khaosod reports that the bumbling royalist lackeys at Dewey, Cheatum and Howethe Lawyers Council of Thailand have accused United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship lobbyist and former lawyer for Thaksin Shinawatra of lese majeste. This is not the first time Robert Amsterdam has been accused of insulting the monarchy.

According to the “Lawyers Council of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage,” Amsterdam had allegedly “defamed” the monarchy and had also “insulted the Thai judicial system during his Skype call to pro-government Redshirts rally on 6 April in Nakhon Prathom province.”

In that call, Amsterdam “urged the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to amend the Article 112 of the Criminal Code…”. Khaosod states: “[H]e made no direct mention of the Thai Royal Family, but the Lawyers Council considers it a sufficient cause of insult for the monarchy, calling for the police to press charge of 112 Article against Mr. Amsterdam.”

The lawyers, who do a pretty good job of defaming the judiciary with such preposterous claims, are joined by Democrat Party and anti-democracy campaigner Thaworn Senniam in making two lese majeste complaints against Amsterdam for daring to ask for the lese majeste law to be amended.

Amsterdam was outraged and stated “that there is absolutely no basis for the lese majeste allegation in what he has told the Redshirts demonstrators.” He pointed out that the lawyers at the Council were fools, cared nothing for the law and abandoned all notions of “fairness” in making these claims. Actually, that pretty much defines the “Lawyers Council of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage.” Click on our tag for this lot, and it becomes clear that law is the last thing this bunch of royalist dolts are interested in.

Appropriately, Amsterdam “insisted on the point he made in the Skype call, stating that the Article 112 should be amended. He stated:

“[Lese majeste] is one of the most overused, misunderstood statutes in the world…. It does not in any way serve the purpose it was designed. People in Thailand are afraid to talk about it – and I understand why – but I am not afraid to talk about it”…. He added that he is not deterred by the threats of legal actions against him, and that he will visit Thailand again in the near future.



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