Friendly fire

16 04 2014

That some of the armed guards associated with the protection of the leaders of the anti-democrat movement might sometimes get blasted and start blasting each other is no surprise. As Khaosod has it reported, a guard “has been shot dead after a fight broke out among the guards at their Bangkok rally site…” at Lumpini Park.

He “was shot inside the park at around 02.00. He later died from a gunshot wound to his chest, bringing the total protest-related fatalities to 22 since the latest wave of anti-government movements erupted in November last year.”

In fact, in friendly fire incidents like this we see no reason why it should add to the death toll for the demonstrations. It could be an accident. But we’ll never know, for the anti-democrat “guards have barred police officers from entering the area to inspect the crime scene and question the witnesses.”

It seems these hoodlums are a law unto themselves. The police say the “guards have claimed that the police must wait until their celebration of Songkran (traditional Thai New Year) festival in the park is over before any crime scene inspection can be conducted.”

What a nice bunch of thugs. They don’t want a death to interfere with their jolly new year celebrations.

One of the thugs’ leaders, Democrat Party member Thaworn Senniam told police “that fistfights broke out between some guards. Mr. Jirayuth [the deceased] reportedly attempted to intervene and break up the fights, only to be shot dead by one of the combatants.”

Believe it or not, “the police at Lumpini Police Station are working to secure permission from PCAD [anti-democrat] leaders in order to inspect the crime in due time.”

Perhaps this is what General Prem Tinsulanonda meant when he talked of cooperation with the police: they are now at the beck and call of royalist thugs.



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