19 04 2014

PPT has never heard of the “Network of Civil Servants,” but we imagine that they are yet another of the “groups” that have deeply yellow links and keep getting reincarnated with new names for a particular political purpose that usually involves anti-democratic ideas and campaigns. If we’re wrong, let us know.

In any case, this so-called Network is reported at The Nation as having “slammed the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) over what it regards as bids to intimidate and humiliate people who adopt an anti-government stance.” By “people” they mean “civil servants” and in particular senior “civil servants.”

The “Network” says that “CAPO should not attack the heads of ministries and representatives of high-level officials as they have their own reasons for doing what they do.”

If these “civil servants” were real civil servants, they should know that they are meant to work at the direction of the government of the day. If they are unable to do that, then they resign.

It said high-level officials were key people needed to resolve the country’s political crisis, while all sides should listen to one another to find a way to relieve the tension.

The “Network” insisted that civil servants maintain impartiality over the political turmoil” yet the “Network’s” statement supported Justice Ministry permanent secretary Kittipong Kittayarak who invited anti-democrat leader Suthep Thaugsuban to visit his ministry. It also supported Public Health permanent secretary Narong Sahameta-pat, who openly supports the anti-democrats.

It’s re-definition of “civil servant” responsibility is that they should obey “leaders who adhered to legal and moral principles.” The “Network” is wrong.

These dissident “civil servants” are certainly not impartial, have taken a political stand, and should do the “legal and moral” thing and resign. If they don’t, they should be sacked, but we know the caretaker government won’t and can’t do that because anti-democrat officials are protected by biased and royalist courts.




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