Updated: More “friendly” fire

26 04 2014

The anti-democrat’s are known to have a bunch of violent guards providing them with protection and securing them from legitimate scrutiny and normal law enforcement. The use of these guards means that the anti-democrats are essentially above and beyond the law. They are even supported by elements that are meant to have something to do with law and security.

This extends to now several incidents where anti-democrat guards have shot, beaten-up or “arrested” police and military officers.

The most recent incident is reported in the Bangkok Post and involves a “senior military officer attached to the Supreme Command was injured early yesterday in an attack by anti-government protest guards on Chaeng Watthana Road.” We assume that’s where the anti-democrat monk has his stronghold.

One Colonel Witthawat Wattanakul, reported to be deputy director for the International Relations division under the Directorate of Joint Intelligence, was admitted to Mongkutwattana General Hospital at 1.30am yesterday with facial bruising and bullet fragment wounds to the feet.” Yes, that’s the Garbage Man’s hospital.

Anything coming from the hospital needs to be treated with caution, but you get their drift when they state that the officer wasn’t shot “but said that bullet fragments had entered his ankles.”

The victim’s younger brother said Witthawat:Kissing soldiers

… was attacked after exiting his car to remove a barrier placed near the anti-government protest site on Chaeng Watthana Road…. He said Col Witthawat heard some gunshots before a group of men came towards him and assaulted him. The attackers were dressed “like protest guards”, Cdr Natthapol quoted his brother as saying.

He said a complaint was lodged with Thung Song Hong police station and the attack was reported to his brother’s supervisors.

Another brother said Witthawat “warned the attackers to hold fire, but was ignored. The men then assaulted him, stopping only after searching the car and discovering Col Witthawat’s identification card…”.

We would have thought that the military might be getting a little miffed about having thugs attack, shoot and cajole their men, but apparently not: “Directorate of Joint Intelligence chief Sihanat Wongsaroj said guards at the Chaeng Watthana protest site had apologised for the assault.” We imagine that an apology makes everything alright. Forget the lawlessness, thuggery and other crimes.

Sihanat even explained the problem, stating that “the guards thought Col Witthawat was launching an attack on protesters.” Well, then it is okay! They are the law in their domain, so they can do whatever they want. His men shot or injured? Just collateral damage!

Supreme Commander Tanasak Patimapragorn weighed in, meekly saying he’d “instructed them [his officers] to coordinate with the protest guards and advise military personnel about road blocks and security checkpoints to avoid a repeat of the assault.” Great stuff Tanasak. He’s Supreme Commander of what? The armed forces protecting the anti-democrats?

Update: It seems that some soldiers are expressing their dissatisfaction with commanders who condone the actions of fascist thugs and their attacks on officers. The Bangkok Post reports that “[l]eaflets were found at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters Saturday saying the military had lost its dignity for failing to protect an officer injured in an attack by anti-government protest guards on Friday.” Predictably, the “leaflet questioned how many more soldiers would have to be hurt before the supreme commander and other top military officers realised it was time to take action” against the anti-democrat thugs.

The leaflet also mentions a “threat to carry out a counter-attack on [anti-democrat]… protesters…”.Guard

Extremist monk Buddha Issara, where the attack on Friday took place, said: “he felt very uncomfortable about what happened and had the guards go to the hospital to apologise to Col Witthawat.” This statement about an apology is then followed by an attack:

After talking to the guards, the monk said he learned that Col Witthawat appeared to be intoxicated when he attempted to remove the barrier erected by the PDRC around its rally site on Chaeng Watthana Road.

He said Col Witthawat’s superior had also admitted to him that Col Witthawat had acted like he was drunk.

This sounds remarkably like a justification gone wrong. After all, is it now okay for fascist thugs to beat up someone who they think may be intoxicated? Obviously, as far as the Army brass is concerned, these anti-democrats can do what they like. The reason may have something to do with a shared loyalty to the monarchy (see the picture of the loyal guard snipped from the Post article).




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