Monarchy’s future

29 04 2014

For those frustrated by the pay wall on the most recent article by David Streckfuss, it is now available at Indo-Pacific Review as “Courting Disaster: Can Thailand’s Monarchy Survive Democracy?” As always, it is well worth a read.

We wonder about the necessity of this: “Beyond his considerable talents as a musician, painter and inventor, he had dedicated his reign to improving the welfare of the country’s most disadvantaged.” Is there any need to repeat palace propaganda? StreckfussBut then he resides in Thailand where the royalists are rabid.

The answer to the question seems to be: “Whatever ultimately transpires, the prestige of the monarchy will be fatally diminished. In the end, and for better or worse, the monarchy will finally have to take its proper place within a democratic constitutional monarchy.”

Such advice to the monarchy about adapting to democracy has long been ignored, reinvented as adapting democracy to the monarchy.



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