Back to yellow

4 05 2014

Even with a leader from the Democrat Party who has mobilized southerners, the core of the anti-democrat movement remains royalists associated with the People’s Alliance for Democracy – the infamous yellow shirts.

Buddha Issara, who has met with senior royalists in recent days, acknowledged this in calling on the king to intervene in politics (again) and in promising a rally in Hua Hin to seek this.

SuthepSuthep Thaugsuban has also acknowledged it in a recruiting drive when he called on Bangkokians to join his anti-democrats when they rally on Coronation Day. Suthep “urged people to wear yellow-shirts because the colour represents Monday, the day the King was born on.”

Emphasizing the royalism of his anti-democrat movement, “Suthep said he will lead yellow-shirt participants to Sanam Luang to make a ‘solemn pledge’ before a picture of the King to ‘retake power from the tyrant’.” We are pretty sure he does not mean from the king.