Protecting thugs

5 05 2014

Many readers will have already seen the Khaosod story regarding the family of an army colonel assaulted by anti-democrat guards taking legal action against the attackers. PPT only wishes to draw attention to a couple of points.

First, Buddha Issara “offered an apology and 50,000 baht to Col. Witthawat’s family to help pay for his medical costs.” That money has been returned and the family has lodged a police complaint, “urging authorities to arrest and prosecute the guards who assaulted Col. Witthawat.”

Witthawat’s mother Bang-onrat Wattanakul said her son’s life “cannot be bought with money.” She also “refused to accept the PCAD’s apology and would only settle the matter through formal legal procedures.”

Bang-onrat also “called on Buddha Issara to identify and send the perpetrators who assaulted her son to the police.”

She rightly observes that the monk, in his yellow robes, is protecting thugs who have broken several laws.

She also and justifiably “expressed outrage at the National Human Rights Commission’s silence over the incident.” She asked why the NHRC wasn’t doing anything.

Of course, the politically-biased nature of the NHRC is well proven.

Finally, she stated:

I would like to thank the PCAD for merely beating up my son instead of murdering him and dumping his body into a river. It’s already such a great mercy on their part. And I would like to warn all citizens not to go near PCAD-occupied areas unless they absolutely have to.

She makes several excellent points.