Lese majeste cases continue

10 05 2014

While the Yingluck Shinawatra government is savaged by the judiciary, this caretaker government continues the lese majeste cases that are as much about bolstering the elite as the attacks on the government. Two reports are of concern and suggest that the “protection” of the royalist regime must be prioritized even when that elite is crushing yet another elected government.

The first is reported in the Bangkok Post and is about the lese majeste conviction appeal by Akechai Hongkangwarn. It states that Akechai’s appeal against a three years and four months jail sentence and a fine of 66,666 baht handed down by the Criminal Court in March 2013 has been rejected by the Appeals Court.

He was arrested in March 2011 for possessing WikiLeaks documents and about VCDs that told some truths about the monarchy.

Akechai now plans to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The second story is at Khaosod. Despite of everything else going on, police have raided Wuthipong Kachathamakul‘s radio station a second time. Ko Tee is on the run from lese majeste charges, and has been for some time, yet the king’s cops are still seeking “evidence”; in fact, they are harassing red shirts.

We say this because some 70 police officers “conducted a surprise raid…” and found “no documents or evidence related to Mr. Wutthipong’s case…”.



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