Remembrance, “neutrality” and hunting down ministers

19 05 2014

Today is the anniversary of the Democrat Party-led government-Army crackdown on red shirt protesters in central Bangkok and elsewhere in the country. Apparently on the orders of Suthep Thaugsuban and Abhisit Vejjajiva, the crackdown left scores of people dead and many more injured. PPT has kept a page that has the remnants of the reporting on the bloody April-May 2010 events. Not that long ago we remembered the April events.

A year ago, we remembered 2010. That’s an interesting read in the context of events that led to the current anti-democrat demonstrations (which have not seen a military massacre as in 2010). Then we said: “PPT reiterates that those responsible for the murder of civilians must be brought to justice as an important step to rooting out the culture of impunity that state officials and the military has when murdering civilians.” Sadly, what has changed is that those responsible for the massacre are running free, trying to bring down yet another government by extra-legal means. Crackdown 2

Law is a fiction in present-day Thailand, with royalists able to do whatever they want, manipulate laws for their gain, throw others in jail, threaten with lese majeste and commit any crime they like.

This is made clear in a report at The Nation, where the senate and anti-democrats are said to about to “push separately” with the intention of creating a “political vacuum.” The anti-democrat brown shirts are “attempting to hunt down the remaining ministers to force them to resign and pave the way for an unelected prime minister to run the country.”

No law there.

Suthep, who ordered the killing of red shirts, is giving the orders again.Crackdown 1

The senate’s unelected Surachai Liengboonlertchai is expected “to ask the caretaker Cabinet to resign to pave the way for him to bring in a so-called neutral person to be prime minister and form an interim government.”

No law there.

Surachai is the spawn of the military that ran the 2006 palace-military coup and shot down red shirts in 2010.




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