Updated: Opposing the military

20 05 2014

We have done a brief trawl of Facebook and some of the blogs and have a few pictures that may be of some interest. The first is of Suthep Thaugsuban and his anti-democratic lot thanking the military:

Suthep says thanks

Opposing the coup:

Stop the coup

More opposition:

No coup

Update: In the provinces:We want democracy

Fear and the military boot:Military boot

The military in charge means censorship, control and repression:Military in charge





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20 05 2014
Only in Thailand: Coup Without a Coup · Global Voices

[…] were organized urging the army to return to the barracks and to revoke the martial law declaration. Meanwhile, the […]

22 05 2014
Only In Thailand: Coup Without A Coup | International Political Forum

[…] were organized urging the army to return to the barracks and to revoke the martial law declaration. Meanwhile, […]

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