Ji on activists and academics in the junta’s sights

24 05 2014

Ji has posted this. His website has plenty of photos and video:

As street protests against the military coup gather momentum in Bangkok and other locations, pro-democracy academics and activists have been ordered to report to the military. We must ensure that our friends return home safely. It is time for serious solidarity work. Those on the military list include Ajarn Worachet, Suda, Somsak, Surachai and the Nitiwat, lead singer of the Fai Yen band.

RELEGATING the pro-democracy mass movement to NOTHING. That’s what the conspiracy theorists who talk about a secret war over succession are doing. Some international mass media might lap it up, but then it’s normal for them to ignore mass movements of ordinary people and lap up crap. What the succession mongers are saying to the brave people who are on the streets and facing arrests is that they “shouldn’t bother”. “The gods on Mount Olympus will fight it out and determine your fate”. But what they fail to explain is: given that general Prayut didn’t think Pumipon was significant or powerful enough for him to discuss the coup plan with the monarch, why does it matter which idiot comes after Pumipon?



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