News on the coup, opposition and the military boot II

24 05 2014

FTCPrachatai reports that the Senate has now been dissolved by the junta. No great loss in this, but the reasons behind it need some consideration. Getting rid of the last legislative body that had any elected representation probably didn’t bother the generals. It seems that they prefer total control so that they can “reform” while repressing.

Three anti-coup protesters arrested in Chiang Mai/ Permanent Secretary of Defense and police chief removed by junta/ U.S. general calls Prayuth, urges a return to “democratic principles”/ Newspaper editors called in by junta/ Army says it has 150 people in custody/ Transfers of senior bureaucrats who are considered untrustworthy by junta/

The military claims to have arrested several red shirt “cells” armed and ready to create mayhem. Miraculous arrests of “terrorist” and “communist” cells have been a part of several previous coup events, as have displays of “captured weapons.”

An example of the junta making things up/lying is its claim that “the unavailability of CNN and BBC on pay-TV was due to ‘technical problems’ and attempts were being made to solve them.” As is often the case, the military thinks the public are stupid and won’t recognize the dinosaur qualities of the military.

The Bangkok Post reports that the junta has “frozen the assets of Charupong Ruangsuwan and Chaturon Chaisang, the two Pheu Thai Party executives who refused to report to them.”

It also reports that Pravit Rojanaphruk, a senior journalist at The Nation newspaper, was also told to report to the NCPO on Sunday. The Nation, which is a hopelessly pro-coup, pro-royalist and anti-democrat newspaper has yet to report this attack on its own journalist. Meanwhile one of its pro-fascist op-ed writers defends the coup and damns the international community for its criticism of junta, martial law and coup.

Two-thirds of those summoned by the junta have been detained/ Opposition and defiance/ South Africa condemns coup/ Account of arrests and opposition in Khon Kaen/ Brave resistance:

Prayuth’s life as a royalist-military thug/ Patrick Winn explains how things will go, none of it optimistic/ Yingluck being held against a government-in-exile?/ Red shirt leaders being picked up nationwide; junta trying to decapitate the movement/ Same story says some extremist anti-democrats also rounded up/ Maj-Gen Sarayuth Rungsri, the regional army commander in Chiang Mai had “a blunt message for civilian officials: squelch anti-army dissent, or be transferred”/ U.S. cancels joint exercises/

Britain’s Daily Mail dug up the old naked wife video involving Prince Vajiralongkorn to pad out a story of the prince and his wife leaving “Tylney Hall, a five-star hotel in Hampshire, where they and a 30-strong entourage had been ensconced for almost a week.”

For a moment more interesting was the Mail’s contact with one of the prince’s son’s from former spouse Yuwatida, based in the U.S.: “Yesterday one of them, Juthavachara Vivacharawongse, 34, told The Mail on Sunday at his home near San Diego, California….”.: Nothing much though as the lad commented: “I would prefer not to speak about this [the coup] or our father. It is a private, family matter.” A coup is hardly a family matter… or is it?: “A source in Thailand, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said yesterday: ‘There are many here who would prefer the Crown Prince not to come back’.”

Anti-coupThailand’s invitation to violence/ Anti-coup in Khon Kaen/ Anti-coup actions continue in Bangkok (see pic, left)/ Angry anti-coup protests despite junta warnings/

A day or so ago, Robert Amsterdam talked about a government in exile. Showing a considerable dullness of its collective mind, the junta thinks it can do something to shut Amsterdam up when he resides in London. Surely the junta includes someone who understands law…. Perhaps not.

At the Bangkok Post, the following reported to the junta: “Pravit Rojanaphruk, a senior reporter of The Nation newspaper, Paiwong Techanarong, owner of the Bonanza Khao Yai Resort, Chanya Sawangchit, chief executive officer at P Overseas Steel Plc, Chayen Khamnuan, chairman of the board of directors of the Wastewater Management Authority, Kanchana Honghern, secretary to Khunying Potjaman Na Pombejr, Natchanan Kruachai, a high-level official of the Pheu Thai Party, Wimolrat Kuldilok, wife of former deputy interior minister Chat Kuldilok, and Pichit Chuenban, a member of Pheu Thai’s legal team.”

Mild Thaksin/ Junta assembling technocrats/ Large anti-coup demonstrations continuing in Bangkok/

Bangkok Post: “A royal command appointing Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha leader of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) is expected to be issued on Monday, reports said. A ceremony for the army chief to receive the royal command would be held at the army headquarters Ratchadamnoen Avenue at 10.49am.”





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24 08 2014
Faking it | Political Prisoners of Thailand

[…] has long expressed reservations about this military dictatorship claim that there was a “Khon Kaen plot” or a “Khon Kaen model.” We have seen too […]

24 08 2014
Faking it | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] has long expressed reservations about this military dictatorship claim that there was a “Khon Kaen plot” or a “Khon Kaen model.” We have seen too many false […]

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